My Joey Diamond Experience (no homo)

8 04 2008

For all of you who dont know the man down there, let me introduce, his name is Joey Diamond and he makes youtube videos of him singing various covers of different artisits. Well, I just wanted to share this with all of you. I commented Joey Diamond’s picture with a rude and unnecessary remark. I was bored with a friend and we thought it was really funny at the time due to watching a youtube video of him kissing a guy. no homo. Here it is and please tell me this made you laugh because I honestly feel like a jerk. Oh and don’t get the wrong idea, I’m not advertising bigotry or hating on gay people. It was just an ignorant move on my part for some comedy relief.

Picture comment.





One response

27 06 2008

it wasn’t funny but unless you know what he’s going thorugh everyday you can’t just make a remark that’s he’s gay i mean i see girls makeout with girls and i don’t think their bi or gay.
but as long as you mean well and you really didn’t mean to offend him then you should apologize šŸ™‚ because antidiamond people just cant be like him šŸ˜€

much hope and love to you

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